Monday, 11 July 2011

Windows 7 Tips - Vista Style Sidebar

Add the Vista Style Sidebar Back to Windows 7

This article will show you the way to get the Vista style side bar on your Windows 7 PC.


Copy Files from Vista

Note: In this example we are using 32-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7. Make sure you are logged in with Administrator credentials.

If you have a Vista machine running, we can copy the Windows Sidebar files over to the Windows 7 machine. On the Vista machine navigate to C:\Program Files and copy the Windows Sidebar folder and all of its contents over to a flash drive or network location.

On the Windows 7 machine go to C:\Program Files and rename the Windows Sidebar folder to something like Windows Sidebar_old.

Now copy the Vista Windows Sidebar folder into C:\Program Files.

Now you will have both folders…Windows Sidebar and Windows Sidebar_old in your C:\Program Files folder.

Right-click on the desktop and select Gadgets.

The Original Vista Sidebar is back and will act as it did in Vista.

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  1. bueno, no entiendo nada de ingles pero voy a aprender un poco, pero es la barra lateral de windows vista en windows 7