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Create System Recovery Disc_win 7 tips

Windows 7 comes with the built-in ability of being able to create a System Repair Disk that can be used to recover from major issues.

The same recovery features can be found on the Windows 7 installation disc, but if you don't have an installation disc, or your was lost or damaged, you'll need this recovery disc to access the Windows 7 recovery features in case your system becomes seriously corrupt or unbootable.
This article will help you to Create a Windows 7 System Recovery Disc.
  1. To begin the process of creating a System Repair Disc, Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security >Backup and Restore.

    Click "Create a System Repair Disc"
  2. If you have multiple optical drives installed in your system, select your preferred CD or DVD burner from the drop down. Place a CD or DVD in the optical drive tray and click "Create disc."
  3. A progress bar will be displayed on the screen. Creating the disc should only take a few minutes. When the process is done, click "OK."
  4. You've just created a Windows 7 System Recovery Disc to use in case of a major computer emergency.

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