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Tile Screens_Win 7 Tips

If you are a new Windows 7 user, you may have heard about the new auto-tile feature and wondered how it works. Although you can still right-click on the task bar to tile windows manually as in previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 has the ability to tile windows automatically, saving time and mouse clicks. Use the auto-tile feature in Windows 7 to view two windows or documents simultaneously on a large monitor.

Keyboard Shortcut for Volume Control

Digging through files, folders and programs to find your computer's volume control can be an annoying process. And while you do have a volume icon in your task bar, it only controls your master volume. In Windows XP, creating a keyboard shortcut will help you access volume control more quickly, as well as open other facets of volume control such as wave, synth, microphone and balance that are not immediately available in the task bar. See "tips" for notes regarding Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Monitor Shared Folders in Windows Vista

Quick Way to Monitor Shared Folders in Windows Vista


This article will show you how to monitor shared folders in Windows Vista.

Download XP Programs to Windows 7

On the Internet, you can find thousands of programs to download for your Windows 7 computer. However, many of these programs are old and were designed for Windows XP. Sometimes the developer has issued an updated version for the newer operating system that you can download. If the developer has not updated the program, you can still download the Windows XP version and operate it on your Windows 7 computer.

Get Rid of Parental Controls_Win 7 tips

Microsoft Windows 7 lets parents control the access their children have to the computer, including how much time they spend on it and the programs they can use. The aim of this feature is to help parents feel more comfortable with their kids using the computer so that they don't have to personally monitor them at all times. You can get rid of Parental Controls for a particular user by adjusting the user's settings in the Windows 7 Control Panel.

Connect Xbox 360_win7 Tips

This is going to walk you right through connecting your Xbox 360 to a Windows 7 PC. If you have an xbox and have not linked it up to your pc yet you are missing out. Your XBOX 360 when connected will be able to stream all of your music, and movies right from your PC to your TV.

Renew IP Address_Win 7 tips

The new Microsoft Operating System is set up differently than Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you purchase a new PC or Laptop, unless otherwise requested, you'll have Windows 7 as your operating system.

Reformat a Windows 7 Computer

Have you ever tried to reformat a hard drive on a computer with windows 7? For some it might seem hard, but I will teach you how to do it easily with a few simple steps. Keep in mind that reformating your hard drive will reset it to the factory setting, so you want to make sure that you backup everything that you want to save before we begin the process.

Check My PC for Windows 7 Compatibility

Microsoft's Windows 7 is focused on speed and stability, even on older hardware, and can run on systems with minimal specifications. Device support is improved compared with Windows Vista, and the driver library has been expanded so most hardware can be automatically installed without requiring a driver disk. Before purchasing Windows 7, use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to scan your PC and check that the hardware and software are Windows 7 compatible. If any problems are detected, the advisor will suggest ways to fix the compatibility issues.