Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Access shared files or printers - Windows 7 Tips

Simple Methods to Access Shared Files or Printer in Windows 7

Here are few other simple methods to access shared files or printer of other computers on same network in Windows 7. I also assume you have enabled file sharing or other sharing correctly on other computers.

Please also ensure there is no firewall blocking on the computer that you try to access, if not you won’t be able to get the access.

Method 2:

1) Open Network and Sharing Center, click on See full map.

2) Full network map that contains all connected network devices will be displayed, you can proceed to double-click on the computer to access shared file or printer.

Method 3:

If you know the IP address or hostname of the computer that you wish to access, type the \\IP-or-hostname in file explorer bar and then hit "Enter" button, you should then be able to access that computer if it’s online.

In this example, I type \\

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