Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Access Shared Files or Printer - Windows 7 Tips


This article will show you how to access shared files and printers in Windows 7

Here is a simple methods to access shared files or printer of other computers on same network in Windows 7. I also assume you have enabled file sharing or other sharing correctly on other computers.

Please also ensure there is no firewall blocking on the computer that you try to access, if not you won’t be able to get the access.

Method 1:

1) Go to Start and click on Computer.

2) A file explorer window will appear, scroll down on left panel to locate and click on Network.

3) It will then show you all connected computers, printers or other network devices, you can just double-click on the computer to access the shared documents.

Note: Press F5 button to refresh the screen if you do not see the other connected computers or network devices.

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