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Change password time limit - Windows 7 Tips

Change the Length of Time When Users Need to Change their Login Password

If you’re the administrator of a shared computer or a few in the office, you probably want to have the users change their password periodically for enhanced security. Here’s how to do it in Windows 7

Note: This uses Local Security Policy which is not available in Home versions of Windows. 

These are local settings on machines not on a domain. Domain settings will take precedence over local settings.

Changing Password Age in Windows 7

  • Log in as Administrator and type Secpol.msc into the Search box of the Start Menu and hit Enter.

  • Local Security Policy opens. Navigate to Account Policies \ Password Policy and double-click on Maximum password age.

  • Here you can change the Maximum password age to what you want. By default it is 42 days, but you can change it from 1-999 days. When you’re finished, click OK and close out  of Local Security Policy Editor.

  • If you set it to zero, the password would never expire.

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