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Using ClearType Tuner - Windows 7 Tips

Using ClearType Tuner in Windows 7

Back in Windows XP there was an important Power toy created to enable ClearType for users of LCD screens. Now it’s standard in Windows 7, but you may not know about it. So let’s take a look.

Access Clear Type in Windows 7

Click on the Start Menu and type cleartype into the search box and hit Enter.

It should be enabled by default, but if not just check the box to enable it.

Now, in the next step, you can enable it for two or more monitors if you have them. Or you could select an individual one if it works best for one but not another. Some people might want it turned off if they have a CRT and a LCD monitor for example.

Now you can go through the wizard and pick out what resolution works best for the monitor(s) you choose.

Just select the text in each step that looks best for you.

Then finish it out.

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