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CityVille Beginner’s Guide

CityVille Guide – Coins and Cash

In CityVille, you are going to use coins to purchase buildings, seeds or decorations. Without coins the you won’t be able to advance in the game and to develop his city. The CityVille coins can be acquired in many ways starting with collecting the rents paid by citizens and ending with selling the goods to neighbors. Various strategies can be used to increase the number of coins in CityVille. 


CityVille is a casual video game developed by Zynga Game Network Inc. The title is similar to Frontierville, meaning that players will experience the same mix of elements such as farming and building various structures. In addition to this, in CityVille each action costs energy points, just like in Frontierville. One of the differences between these games is that in CityVille the action takes place in modern-times while inFrontierville the action is set in the past.

Get Free Coins by Clicking Fast:
The coins, boxes, energy bolts, collectibles and experience stars that pop out of clickable things go into your inventory even if you don’t click on them, but click them if you can. You get extra coins if the bonus meter fills up. Your bonus goes up every time you level up or get more reputation hearts. Here are the free coin click bonuses it cycles through:

  •         Excellent!
  •         Amazing!
  •         Outstanding!
  •         Holy Smokes!
  •         Extreme!
  •         OMGeezers!
  •         Unstoppable!
  •         Insane!
  •         Masterful!

Bonus Free Coins:

          Decorations and franchise headquarters are called bonus items because they make your CityVille buildings pay you more free coins! All the buildings within the blue square around each bonus item pay out more coins. The game tells you in blue what percent more coins each building will pay out. Higher blue numbers get you more free coins! Bonuses add together.

When you are first starting out, place bonus items where their blue squares touch as many of your businesses as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t like where you place them. Unlike some other video games, you can move anything in CityVille. Click on the arrow above the “Build” button and select the “Move” cursor.

Read more about bonus items and bonus zones that can make your stores pay you 2000 coins and more here. Making stores pay out more coins and even diamonds the most fun part of the game for many players.


You get experience, energy, coins and even free building icons for completing goals, so don’t just ignore the goal icons when they pop up on the left side of your game screen. Goals are also how you become mayor in CityVille.

Use Franchise System:

The franchise system generates free coins for you! It gives you the franchise headquarters bonus items, too. You can have up to 20 of your neighbors’ businesses in your city. Place an empty business lot — next to bonus items and on a road or sidewalk, of course. Click “Okay” and let the game post a franchise request to all your CityVille friends. Be a little picky in what you will accept, because you only get to have 20, and only if you have 60 neighbors or more. Read more about the CityVille franchise system here.

Buying CityVille Cash:

You can buy CityVille cash on the “Add coins and cash” tab. It costs a minimum of $2.13 per 15 game dollars. You can get City cash on the “Earn city cash” tab, but there you have to buy things from participating merchants. You can buy coins there, too, but coins are pretty easy to get so don’t waste your money. You can do everything in this video game without City cash. Facebook games are notorious for trying to get you to spend real money. Resist the urge!

Alternately, you can earn City Cash in CityVille by completing offers. At the moment, there are seven offers that you can complete in order to earn city cash, like completing Amazon Tasks, taking surveys or paying with your Cell Phone. You can find all the offers under the Earn City Cash tab in-game.

But what about FREE City Cash for you? You can get some Free City Cash in a few ways, but don’t expect to get too rich with that! Here is how to get City Cash for Free in CityVille:

  •      Keep an eye on the offers mentioned above. You might find some that give you free city cash
  •     Level up! Each time you level up, you get 1 City Cash in return!
  •     Game Cards. Make sure somebody loves you and tell them you’d like a Zynga game card. If they buy it and send it to you, you can redeem the City Cash from it!

And these should be the ways to get more CityCash in Zynga’s CityVille.

Note: However, If you must get ahead quickly, spend real money through Zynga’s links in their Facebook games rather than using cheat scripts. These often contain malware that infects your computer’s resources.

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